Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ministry Update - April 2012


We have stayed busy this past month ministering in various locations. In addition to our regularly scheduled meetings and chaplaincy ministry, I spoke at The Church on the Wise Road for four consecutive Sundays. It is a Southern Baptist church and is located just outside of town. The congregation was very responsive and we developed some great friendships. As a result, we've been asked to consider a longer-term commitment with the church.

We also were invited to speak at Firestarters Ministries in Ottertail, MN. The ministry consists of many Christian artists and musicians. Several are members of the popular prophetic worship band, Firestarters. The ministry is formulating a training school for young artists and have asked us to provide some of the teaching. Every summer they host an art festival called "The Gathering." This year, Winkie Pratney will be the main speaker.

The Tuesday Pastors Prayer Group hosted the third annual Good Friday Service in Brainerd. Over 2,500 came to worship the Lord and hear a message from the President of Minnesota Teen Challenge. The united worship was very powerful and confirmed our sense of God moving in a significant way in the area.

Cragun's is Minnesota's largest four-season resort and is located just outside of Brainerd. Recently, we were invited to conduct the Easter morning service for their guests. We had a wonderful time ministering to both the adults and children. This area offers excellent ministry opportunities for those coming here on vacation.

Twice a year, Central Minnesota Teen Challenge conducts a "Spiritual Emphasis Week" for its students. This year, they asked us to do the evening sessions. It turned out to be a fantastic week of ministry. The students were very responsive as the Spirit of God revealed their hearts and His. A few days later, many of them joined us for our regular Tuesday Night Praise and Worship. The Spirit once again fell in a powerful way. Several of the students have recently come into the program and had first-time encounters with the Holy Spirit. I just love to see the joy and amazement they experience. It also reminds me of the promise God made in Isaiah 61, that the poor, broken, and prisoners would rebuild our ruined cities. What incredible spiritual destiny!


Thank you so much for all your prayers for our little Esther (Essie). On March 27th, she celebrated her first birthday. We are happy to report that she has been seizure-free for almost two weeks! We continue to covet your prayers though as the doctors are very concerned about her weight. She has gained only two ounces the past six months. Please continue to pray for a full recovery for our little one!

Recently, I (Molly) came upon something the Lord gave me while I was pregnant with Esther. It was written as a prophetic letter from Essie to her dad, Adam. At the time, we were genuinely touched by the innocence and beauty that it expressed. We now realize how much deeper its purpose was. The Lord was preparing us for the challenging road ahead and yet promising us she would make it through. I pray it ministers to you of the power of God's spoken secrets and how they can come from the most unlikely of sources.

Dear Daddy,

I know you don't know me very well, but Jesus has already told me so much about you. He said you were big and strong but very safe. He also told me you love Him very much. You sound so perfect for me! I can't wait to meet you!

Jesus and the angels have been getting me ready. They said I have a very important job to do once I am born. Jesus said I won't be able to do a lot of the things other kids get to do, but that's okay; I don't mind. He also told me it will be hard and I will have to really trust Him and be very brave. You know what He promised me though? That no matter what happens, or what other people say, He will always be there for me. That made me feel so much better because He is bigger and stronger than EVERYTHING!

My favorite thing to do so far is when Jesus holds me and reads me stories. He has been doing that a lot lately. His eyes get really wet when He reads them though. One time, after He was done reading, He looked at me and said something, but I didn't understand some of it. His eyes were really wet then too. He said, "My little Esther, though to many, you will look small, I will help you scale mountains and give you courage and love to go into places others have refused to go. My words are forever written on your heart and My love for you is everlasting. I ask only one thing of you, My little one. Please do not forget about Me while you are there." When He was done talking, He looked like He needed a big hug, so I hugged Him and said, "How can I forget about you? You're my Daddy!"

You know what else He told me? He said when I am all done with my special job for Him; I get to live with Him forever in paradise! I don't know much about paradise, but I do know I want to be with Him forever! I can't wait!!! He said you and mommy would be there too, even my brothers and sisters!

I really want to make Him proud of me. He is really counting on me, so I don't want to let Him down. Do you have some of those special stories He was reading to me? I would love if you read some of them to me while I am there. Jesus said they are all real so that makes them extra special.

Please help me to be brave and strong like you. And you don't have to be scared for me. Jesus showed me my very own angels and they are very big and do everything Jesus tells them to do. Oh, I am so glad I will have you to help me! I love you so much already! See you really soon.

Your little Essie


We do have some ministry dates open this spring and summer. Here are a few of the subjects we have been teaching:
1. Increasing intimacy with God
2. The Kingdom of God vs. the world system
3. Digging spiritual wells in our homes and community

Please email us if you are interested