Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ministry Update - September 2011


The man who would be king had become a fugitive in his own country. Fortunately, in the cave of Adullam, David received support by those who became his mighty men. These valiant warriors were sacrificial, courageous, and loyal. While surrounded by meager accommodations and provisions, David revealed to them a longing in his heart. He shared his desire for the sweet, cool waters of the well in Bethlehem. As a younger man, he had been ruined by its extraordinary flavor and refreshment. No other water tasted quite the same.

The problem was the cost of obtaining this water. Bethlehem had become a Philistine garrison and a person would have to break first through the enemies' ranks in the valley of Rephaim (valley of giants). Consequently, the journey from Adullam to Bethlehem was arduous and dangerous. Anyone who ventured to obtain this special water risked his very life. Amazingly, three unnamed members of David's mighty men caught the vision for this water and successfully brought it to their future king.
Centuries later, a few noble men made the long and difficult journey to Israel. They came in search of another king. These men from the East had seen His star and knew His authority was ordained from above. However, they were not content with the prophecies and signs alone. They were determined to see Him personally. To honor Him; to touch Him; to find favor in His eyes. Their hopes and dreams were finally realized near the well of Bethlehem. The community that contained the best water had now become the birthplace of the living water.

We have heard the statement, "Wise men still seek Him." However, it is much more than that. The Bible reveals the essential elements of vision, tenacity, and sacrifice. While many settle for daydreams and stories, a few will not stop until they taste it for themselves. They won't be satisfied with anything less than a personal encounter. As a result, their lives are often "hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed." To them, it goes beyond religious duty; it is the fulfillment of their spiritual destiny. Herald the lovesick warriors of God's end-time army!

"Whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life" (John 4:14)


We have been seeking God with both friends and family every week for many months. At times, all we do is cry; other times we just kneel speechless before the Lord. Still other moments, we dance as the floodgates of God's joy pour down upon us. We never question if He will come. We never wonder if He will hear us.

The desire for God's presence has become very contagious. The Lord has opened doors for us to pray and worship in other churches, ministries, and even within the sheriff's department. Thirsty people are finding refreshment for their souls. Here are some examples:

•We have been meeting every Tuesday evening at Remnant Ministry Center for worship and prayer. The meetings have increased in both numbers and intensity. Local drug rehabilitation students have also been coming regularly and many are experiencing spiritual breakthroughs. God's presence has become very tangible, as His love touches the deepest areas of our hearts. The testimonies reveal an outpouring of revelation knowledge and spiritual healing.

•Recently, fifteen women prisoners came to our bible study held weekly in the jail. We knew right away that God was up to something. Our discussion was focused on resisting temptations. They seemed to understand it in their heads, but it still didn't seem to sink in the depths of their spirits. We decided to play some music to allow the Spirit to minister to their hearts. The song "I'd Rather Have Jesus" began to play and all the chatter between the women completely stopped. It was total silence. No one could even move a muscle! God's presence was so tangible that you could literally feel the weight of it. When the music ended, these women, who often times race to leave, could not move from their seats. All they could do was weep. They quickly turned from casual observers to desperate seekers. God's presence opened their hearts with love and understanding. What a difference His presence makes!

•We have now started a weekly prayer meeting for the officers in the Sheriff's department. The department is facing pressures of reduced staffing, increased workloads, and family tensions. Through these crises, I have noticed a growing desperation for God.. Officers are coming to Christ and family relationships are being strengthened. Now, a senior officer wants us to begin a bible study for those in the department!


Is your world lacking spiritual water? Do you feel far removed from its life-giving supply? If so, please drop us a note and we will pray for you. We would love to help!

Please continue to pray for us also. We need partners who will provide a prayer covering over us. We also need funds for the chaplaincy ministry as well as two laptop computers for our praise and worship services. We are in this together!