Friday, December 10, 2010

Ministry Update - December 10, 2010

God has continued to bless Bethany Urban Development with material blessings, fresh revelations, and His glorious grace. Recently, Molly received a vision from the Lord as we conducted a worship service at my parent's home. I trust her encounter draws you closer to our Savior's heart.


The music had begun and I remember walking over to my grandparent's large window that overlooks Serpent Lake. I closed my eyes and started to worship. Tears began to fall from my face as I reflected on the glory and wonder of my God. All I could say repeatedly to Him was, "I am so in love with you. I have to have more of you. I am desperate for you."

Within a few minutes of crying this prayer, I saw the heavens open wide above the lake. Suddenly multitudes of angels came down, one assembly after another after another. Throughout this glorious scene, I couldn't stop worshipping. There were so many angels; I could not see the end. They all just stood motionless, watching me. Their faces were solemn. Despite my curiosity, I continued to worship the Lord. Then I heard something in my spirit. "They have come to watch worship that makes their God weep."

All of a sudden, the heavens opened up again and a brilliant light came down. Because of its majesty, the light could be felt, not just seen. I was only able to capture a silhouette within the radiance but I knew it was my Jesus. He then began to walk towards me. He had the same look as the angels, as He watched me worship Him. Within this brilliant light, I was able to see tears falling from His face. He then stopped right in front of me and asked me a compelling question. "Molly, if you could bring one thing with you to Heaven, what would you bring?"

I softly spoke back to Him and said, "I know you have spoken in your Word that you will wipe away every tear, but if it's not too much to ask, can I keep mine? I cannot worship you without them. My tears remind me of where you have taken me from and where you are taking me to. They are my silent "I love you's."

Jesus then spoke back and said, "I will let you keep them, if I can keep mine." At that moment I realized that His tears are His silent "I love you's" too.


Later, I began to consider how much the Lord is attracted to our worship. At times, I have worshipped God when my bills were high; when sickness seemed to rain down like a flood; and when doubt seemed so much easier than faith. I also remember that in all these situations, He came through-often in the midnight hour.

Because of what we have had to face on earth, the angels will never be able to worship God as we do. Their worship and praise is much easier and natural. They have not had to battle the world, the flesh, and separation from His presence as we have. Our basic weakness is what makes our worship so special to the Lord. "Do you realize how fortunate you are? Angels would have given anything to be in on this!" (1 Peter 1:12 MSG).

When we someday enter His gates and are presented to our King, we will be stepping into a new reality. We will no longer have to cry out for God to come because He will already be there. We won't have to ask for help because we will have everything we need. We will not need to ask God to stay just a little while longer because His presence will never leave. Until then, we only have this brief time on earth to worship God in such a unique and precious way.

The birth of Jesus brought indescribable worship and praise from on high. But let us remember where Jesus was. He was not above in the heavenlies but near the simple, poor, and undistinguishable worshippers below.

During this Christmas season, let us lift Him up as no one else can in the universe. He has been so faithful and is worthy to be worshipped. Let us give Him the gift that will brings tears to His eyes.