Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ministry Update - September 5, 2010


Our recent stay in Mexico was a wonderful experience. One of the most distinguishing marks of the Cave of Adullam is their dependency on the Presence of God. Whenever they gather, it is always a non-negotiable requirement. They just could not imagine doing any ministry without the aid of the Holy Spirit. Moses was a man who also valued the Presence of God. While leading the Children of Israel through the wilderness, he came to a point of crisis. Moses knew it would be impossible to complete the task God had given him without His Presence. In desperation Moses cried, "If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here" (Ex 33:15). God granted Moses' request and a nation found its destiny.

Since returning from Mexico I have noticed the Church in America has learned to do a lot without the Presence of God. It reminds me of another bible character - King Saul. Throughout much of his reign, the ark of the covenant, remained in an obscure region called Kiriath Jearim. Saul never had it brought to him like his successor, King David. This misguided king thought it was unessential for running his kingdom. He was anointed for service but failed to draw near to God's Presence. Saul's willingness to lead a nation while far removed from the Presence of God was a sign of his weakness rather than his strength.

There is a dramatic shaking going on in the Western Church. Old structures and paradigms are being challenged and even removed. I believe God is trying to prepare a bride that is not dependent on religious rituals, physical facilities, and secular business strategies. However, it is not enough to change our programs, we must have the Presence of God! If we do not have His Presence we cannot fulfill our spiritual destiny. The Great Commission can only be fulfilled through one means - through the power of His Presence.


Recently, we have felt God directing us to expand B.U.D. into a few select communities in Northern Minnesota. We are currently establishing a base in the Brainerd Lakes Area. Already, we have forged spiritual ties with several of the local pastors who have a heart for revival. There appears to be increased anticipation for God to do something new in the area.

Opportunities have also opened in Crow Wing County jail. We love ministering to those who are hurting and hungry for love and direction. Everywhere we go, we want to share the importance of digging spiritual wells and disengaging from this current culture. These have become core values of our ministry.

We continue to maintain fellowship and strategic prayer with the pastors in South Minneapolis. Whether in large cities or small towns, God is always looking for those who will seek His face and share His Kingdom blessings.


My wife, Martha, has been a pillar of strength throughout the thirty-four years we have been married. She has consistently served all those who God has placed in her life. Her faithfulness and spiritual depth have often been taken for granted, which I am most guilty.

A couple of weeks ago, Martha was diagnosed with skin cancer. It appears to be Squamous cell cancer which is not as dangerous as Melanoma but more serious than the common Basal cell cancer. The plan is to have surgery this Thursday. Since it is substantial in size and located on her head, there will be a longer time for recovery. It also puts her plans for returning to work on hold. We covet your prayers. Martha is currently on Facebook.


We were not able to have medical coverage when we were in Mexico this past year and currently are not covered. In addition, finances are needed to complete the Clash of Kingdoms project and set up our expanded ministry base in Northern Minnesota. We need your prayers and support at this critical time.

We must expand our support team immediately. Would you ask God right now what level of involvement you should have with us? If God directs you to make a large pledge, that's great. However, a commitment of $10, $20, or $30 per month would also be greatly appreciated. Please let us know by replying to this newsletter as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your help!