Monday, June 14, 2010

Ministry Update - June 14, 2010


We continue to experience an open heaven in the Cave of Adullam School. Every day there seems to be something special happening. Several people have come to the sessions from other cities and just off the street. I guess you do not have to advertize a fire!

The school has become a blessing to others in the community. Recently, several students went to the local hospital and prayed for those who were sick. There have been numerous reports of healings. The students seem to be fearless in sharing their faith with others. As a result, many local residents have had life-changing encounters with God.
There is also a strong prophetic anointing on the class. God has brought great encouragement to the students and visitors through this particular gift of the Holy Spirit. I have never seen it operate as clearly and strongly. God is raising up a generation of worshipping warriors that know His voice and will act on His command.

As you know, our B.U.D. team has used worship music in our home prayer meetings for a few years. Since coming to Mexico, I have added several hours of Spanish music to our library. We have used much of this music in our worship times with the students. This would not be so remarkable except that the classes are conducted in Spanish and I have definitely not mastered the language! Somehow, the Holy Spirit has been able to direct me to chose the correct songs to complement what is being said. I have never experienced such divine direction in worship.
Many of the evening teaching sessions never get past the worship time. The Holy Spirit comes and we just follow His lead. As God's Presence descends, everything changes - the music takes on a heavenly tone, hearts melt, people cry, many slump to the floor. People stop in front of the building, gripped by an unseen power. Those present know they have connected with something that is beyond the physical realm. God is here!

The Cave of Adullam school has adopted a declaration that they use frequently. The atmosphere of the room changes as they shout it out with conviction and authority.


I am what the Word of God says that I am;
I have what the Word of God says that I have;
I can do what the Word of God says that I can do.
I am more than a conqueror in Christ!
Greater is Christ that is in me
Than the problems that are in the world,
Than the circumstances that are in the world,
Than the demons that are in the world,
Than the sicknesses that are in the world.
The Spirit of God is upon me.
He has anointed me
To preach his word
To heal the sick
To cast out demons.
Satan will not win and I will not lose!
I was born to win;
I was born to conquer;
I was born to defeat;
I was born to triumph.
I have won;
I have conquered;
I have defeated;
I have triumphed.
Satan will not win and I will not lose!
In the name of Jesus.



Recently CNN did a story on Christians who have intentionally separated themselves from the culture. I thought it would be interesting but found several disturbing elements. Most of the people seemed sincere but had a common grudge against the government. They also appeared to be living undisciplined lifestyles. Finally, I noticed that the majority had moved out of the city to a rural location. Before His ascension, Jesus gave the disciples specific instructions on where they were to meet for prayer. He told them to wait in Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit came. I do not believe the location was random or insignificant. They sought God in the midst of a vibrant and diverse city, amongst a strong religious culture controlled by an oppressive military government. This is where they would have a historic encounter with the Holy Spirit.

When the Spirit fell on the 120 believers gathered in the upper room, they unknowingly formed the perfect metaphor for the Christian life. They were in the world but not of the world. Their encounter caused a separation from the culture and a corresponding penetration of that culture. As a result, a world-changing movement began that has never been equaled or surpassed. This is the glorious Kingdom of God in operation!


This past year in Mexico has gone by too quickly. We have had an incredible time and will never forget this special season in our lives. Our plans are to return to Minnesota at the end of July. We are anxious to finish the printing of "The Clash of Kingdoms" and increase our ministry involvement in Minnesota. God gave us a message regarding His Kingdom before going to Mexico. Throughout the year, this message has been confirmed and reinforced. We cannot wait to share what God is saying and doing with our friends and family! If you would like to get together, please let us know. We would just love to visit and pray with you. You can reach us by email or phone 612-598-3270.