Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ministry Update - May 11, 2010


The Cave of Adullam School has started in Jerez and we are so thrilled to be a part of the staff. As you might guess, this is not your typical Bible School. In fact, some students came without having a relationship with God. They were looking for answers in a world that has none.
The focus of the first week was on repentance with Robert Duran taking most of the classes. This was not a subject that was quickly addressed so that we could concentrate on more positive topics. Without sufficient repentance there can be no freedom from sin and demonic influences in our lives. Sin blinds the mind and suffocates the spirit. Repentance has always been a key to spiritual transformation within individuals and communities. Hidden sin and spiritual transformation are paradoxical. On the second week, the focus shifted to inner healing. It is amazing the physical, psychological, and spiritual devastation many young people have experienced today. It is also remarkable to see the healing power of God's love flowing upon wounded hearts. Tears are common in the school and often reflect breakthroughs in deep areas of their lives. Most have never been so transparent and thorough in dealing with their past.
By the third week, there was a freedom and joy that most had never felt before. I had the privilege of speaking on the subject of our marriage with Christ. We discussed the three components to any successful marriage - commitment, friendship, and passion. At the end of two days of teaching, we conducted a marriage ceremony where every student was able to walk down the aisle and recite his or her vows to the Lord. As we prayed, one of the married students felt Jesus put a ring on her finger. She later admitted that she had a greater encounter with God than in her literal wedding!
This past week much of the teaching was focused on the power of the Holy Spirit.This is a critical element in the process of refilling what has been cleansed. There were many opportunities for the students to begin to exercise their spiritual gifts. Visions, dreams, and miracles began to happen among those in the school. One of the students came to the evening session with a desire for healing of her bad eyesight. She took off her glasses and put them in her purse as an act of faith. As the Holy Spirit began to move in the room, Robert asked her if she wanted prayer for her eyesight. She admitted she did and within a minute, her eyesight was completely restored! She now is seeing as clearly as she ever did with glasses. As I have been able to witness firsthand the power and love of God, I couldn't help but dream of this happening on a much larger scale. Can you imagine if a community collectively went through the simple steps of repentance, inner healing, and empowering of the Holy Spirit? It may sound farfetched but why can't we stop adjusting our culture and instead replace it with something superior? We were created to live much better than we are. God, we need your Kingdom to come!


One of the most quoted verses in the Bible is "The joy of the Lord is your strength" (Neh. 8:10). We often use it in church to get the faithful smiling and improve our outlook on life. What is interesting about this passage is that it does not necessarily say that the joy we get from the Lord is our strength but that our strength comes from Hisjoy. So how can we improve God's joy?

* Embrace a prayer and worship lifestyle. Rather than at specific times and places,
make Him a greater part of your everyday life. Fill your home and car with music
from heaven and make Him the center of your conversation.
* Disengage from values of the current culture. Money, possessions, overbooked
schedules, and entertainment addiction do not have to rule you. Simplify your life
to reflect His Kingdom values and provide more time for Him.
* Accept the fluctuations of this life as opportunities to deepen your love for
God and knowledge of His ways. There is no reason to waste your sorrows. You can
live with a grateful heart.


We are so excited about our next media project. Here is a small sample of what is in the book.

Moses was in a place of desperation at the shore of the Red Sea. With no boats in sight, the Egyptian army was closing in for the kill. Something needed to happen and it needed to happen fast. At Moses' moment of crisis, there was no one to help - except God. When the Red Sea parted for the Children of Israel and drowned the Egyptian army, Moses was so thrilled and thankful that he burst into a beautiful song.

In the book of Revelation, we discover the eternal rewards awaiting us. Recently, I noticed something I had never realized before. In the midst of the worship and rejoicing, there is a beautiful song clearly heard from an unusual earthly source. Surprisingly, God does not sing this wonderful song, the elders do not sing it, and even the angels do not sing it! Only those who found God in their place of crisis and desperation sing it - it is the Song of Moses (Rev. 15:3-4).


With all the excitement in Mexico, we are also facing some unexpected expenses - 990 filing, book cover design, editing, etc. We covet your prayers and welcome your donations. If God is leading, please let us know. We appreciate your help so much!