Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ministry Update - March 13, 2010


The Cave of Adullam School is only a month away. Preparations are being finalized and anticipation is growing daily. Recently, there was a large house available that would have been ideal for some of the students. However, before we could secure the property, it was rented to someone else. Surprisingly, last Sunday the owner came to our service and said that the property would be available in April. It was vivid reminder that "The king's heart is in the hand of the Lord ; he directs it like a watercourse wherever he pleases" (Prov. 21:1). I love when God is in charge!

More prayer meetings are springing up as a reflection of a longing to go deeper with God and to be prepared for whatever He wants to do. We also sense a greater spiritual battle ensuing. Great victories are often the result of great battles. Will you join us in praying that His Kingdom comes and His will be done in our lives, the school, and this community?


The Scriptures tell us that John the Baptist was "A voice of one calling in the desert, 'Prepare the way for the Lord" (Luke 3:4). Most believe that this Old Testament prophesy began when John the Baptist left his solitary lifestyle to pursue a public ministry. However, it may have started sooner. The Bible tells us that John the Baptist lived in the desert and after Jesus' baptism, He too went into the desert.

I wonder if Jesus went into the same desert where John the Baptist had previously lived. Certainly, as cousins, they knew each other personally. Perhaps Jesus even visited John at his remote camp. Now that John was gone, his desert hut was empty and available.

The point is that before John's public ministry, he had made a way for the Lord in the desert. Possibly the same rocks and creatures that had heard John so many times, now heard Jesus' prayers and cries. But why prepare a way in the desert? Because the desert is the best place to have your faith tested and strengthened. Not too many things survive in the desert - certainly not fragile faith. Very little resources and creature comforts. No support system of friends and spiritual advisors. Ironically, no one lives comfortably there - except the devil.

The devil and his demons did not just pay a visit at the end of Jesus' forty-day stay in the desert. The Bible says that Jesus was tempted from the beginning to end (see Luke 4:2). However, the Spirit of God still led Jesus to this foreboding place because something else happens in the desert. The Bible tells us that Jesus went in by the leading of the Spirit but He came out in the powerof the Spirit" (see Luke 4:1,14). Ultimately, greater testing yields greater spiritual authority.

Many today are in a desert - not a physical desert but one just as real. In your desert, there are limited resources and very little happening to make you feel secure and comfortable. No great accomplishments, no miraculous testimonies, and no rain in sight! In addition, the devil has plenty to say and his voice becomes stronger as you become weaker. At these times, you may only be capable of doing one thing - just holding on.

If that is you, then I have good news. Your faithfulness in the face of adversity is bringing you to a place of greater spiritual authority! Remain steady and you will go out "in the power of the Spirit" to be a greater witness than you could have ever been without it.


This summer we will be releasing the final installment in our Warrior Bride series. The Clash of Kingdoms is a provocative analysis of the current state of the Western Church. It includes Kingdom principles long forgotten or neglected in our Church culture. Without rediscovering our New Testament mandate, we cannot fulfill our spiritual destiny. This message has totally changed my life.

If you would like to contribute to this important project, please make your check payable to B.U.D. / P.O. Box 8940 / Minneapolis, MN 55408 and indicate "book project" on the check. As a token of our appreciation, we will send you a free copy when it is released.