Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ministry Update


Crossing a hectic intersection or navigating through a busy shipping channel can be disastrous if we fail to obey the warning lights. Unfortunately, our nation has entered into such a position in its history. Without a clear sense of what to do, we will experience painful loss. It is critical we recognize the warning lights.


We need to be ready to move into a new season of ministry. This past year God has been leading us to put our house in order. We have taken steps to simplify our lives and break from a materialistic and entertainment-oriented culture. We also sense the importance of keeping short accounts with God and others.This is the time to strengthen relationships and mend others. We continue to cultivate God's presence in our homes.

"For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready"(Rev 19:7)


We need to be putting our ears to the ground. God is speaking today but many are not slowing down enough to hear Him. This is not the time to be running scared but to develop a keener sensitivity to His voice. Knowing His word is absolutely essential at this time. There is a shaking going on - both physically and spiritually in our world. We would be remise to ignore this and presumptuous to act according to our own understanding.

"But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come" (John 16:13)


Within a few days my wife and I will be going to Mexico for a week of teaching as well as searching for a place to live when we move in August. Ironically, we have recently seen a number of news reports about the country and none have been very encouraging - drug wars, earthquake, and swine flu. During times of trouble, there is a temptation to change our position. However, often God wants us to focus on Him and not the circumstances.


The violent storms have come upon us;
We have been caught unaware.
The waters rage as fire
Causing us to panic, to be fearful and scared.

What is the source of such a tempest?
Whose offense caused such a rage?
Must we all go down for another soul's wrong?
Let us cast lots and find the blame.

Then the waves may be appeased;
The storm may then be calm.
Our lives once again secure,
Once we find who's in the wrong.

We searched high and low the boat;
Interrogation filled its rooms.
Until one man was found
Asleep, amidst all the ruins.

Quickly we aroused him;
He must be who we seek.
For he sleeps through such a storm as this;
He cares not of our needs.

Once awoken, the man complied to come;
He put up not a fight.
He simply came when we called
And faced the tempestuous night.

We found him guilty because of his silence
For he seemed so uninvolved.
Besides, we needed someone to blame
So the turmoil could be resolved.

And so we threw him over the boat
Into the raging seas.
Left alone and forsaken
That the storm may be appeased.

And even though we once held him dear
And even called him friend.
We now kissed him goodbye
And all turned our heads.

And as we waited for the seas to calm
And the winds to be at peace.
Our waiting proved in vain
For the uproar did not cease.

Why could this be? We asked ourselves,
We had it all figured out.
We cast off the problem
So then none of us would drown.

He had to be the one we sought;
His actions confirmed who he was.
Why else would he show such apathy?
He just had to be the cause.

And yet these waves are now more severe
Then when we had him cast.
Did we forsake the innocent?
Is the guilty still among the mass?

Could it be the one that we forsook
Had the power to calm the seas?
Was he the only one
That could save you and me?

Was his apathy not really such,
But rather a burdened heart?
Was his willingness not guilt,
But rather a desire to be set apart?

Was his lack of fear not disregard,
But faith in one above?
Could it be this storm was nothing
Compared to the pressure of his love?

If we had just had faith in higher things
And not looked at events around.
Could we have seen what this man saw
And then have peace abound?

Could it be the guilty party
Was not the man forsook?
But rather faithless followers
Who needed to take a deeper look?

For the storms around do rage
And the winds are fiercely blowing.
And yet we've thrown our fearless captain over
Who was the great All-Knowing.

All we can do now is pray
That who we renounced may turn his ear.
That he may forgive our fainting hearts
And satisfy our fears.

May our hearts turn to deeper things
Than what our eyes may see.
May we not again point fingers
But rather cry for mercy.

For this man's love silenced
the waves that fiercely warned.
His authority broke the violent skies
And calmed the raging storm.

Although our love proved to be a facade;
Our dedication was with conditions.
He submitted to still give his life
Because he embraced a greater mission.

May we conform to a life such as his;
May our hearts be forever transformed.
To see our God-given destiny
And not a raging storm.

And not forsake the one who saves
When the storms grow greater still.
But hold tightly to his promises
Eternal words he has vowed to fulfill.

Molly VanHeel