Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Selections from Liberating Love

When we come to the Lord for the first time, He totally transforms us, much as a diamond is formed from coal. Once we’re transformed, God then begins the process of cutting off the rough edges of our lives so we begin to take shape and form. As this process continues, we feel the pain from His chipping, but also the joy of knowing we are being made better. During this time, we often imagine how God will use us. Will we be admired for our beauty? Will we be placed in an expensive gold setting of nobility? Will many recognize and honor us? Will our reputation extend to distant lands?

To our surprise, when the Master Craftsmen is finished, He places us not in an expensive gold setting but on an industrial drill bit. Quickly we find ourselves being plummeted deep into the dark earth. There, we are constantly battering against dirt and solid rock. Often our progress is slow and painful. We often question the value of such drudgery.

It is only when we finally reach a subterranean spring that we realize our purpose—to bring life-giving water to those who live in a dry and thirsty land. Beautiful jewelry is worthless when people do not have pure water to drink. God is using us, but often it causes us to question His love and wisdom. If we patiently yield ourselves, we will be used in the most important mission of all—bringing life and hope to both people and their communities.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The B.U.D. Prayer Room

Because You Loved Me

Though my longings were for another, you dared to love me.
Though my hands were in another, you dared to break them free.
Though my eyes were closed and blind, you dared to open them.
Though my ears were deaf, you dared to unlock them again
And though my legs could no longer walk, you dared to help me stand.
And though my heart was hard, you dared to soften it again.
And why did thou dare to risk it all, what motive could there be?
Only one reason was found……because you loved me.
And to love that which loves another,
To desire that which cares not,
Is a love that will stand the fires
And will forever refuse to give up.
And because thou dared to risk it all, I now risk my love for you.
I give you my heart because I dare to
And I give you my hands because I dare to.
And I give you eyes because I dare to
And I give you my ears because I dare to.
And I give you my legs because I dare to
And I give you my life because you loved me.
And now I want to love you.

Molly VanHeel

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ministry Update

Dear Friend,

We continue to make preparations for our trip to Mexico. My daughter, Molly and her family of five have the toughest job but it is starting to come together. I thought you might want to know what the Lord has been showing her recently.


Steve Harrison


As I woke up early one morning to spend time with the Lord, my heart was unusually heavy. I opened my Bible to read and pray, but could not shake how burdened my spirit felt. All I could do was wait upon the Lord and hope He would reveal to me what was happening. I continued to pray until I had to go to work. The weight upon my spirit grew more intense. I soon realized that it was going to be quite a struggle to work. I was determined to be faithful to the Lord and be there for Him as He needed me-however tough that was becoming.

Within an hour of being at work it happened. The supernatural broke through the natural; the spiritual penetrated the physical and a door opened up into the very throne room of God. I was now listening to what was going on in a place where the Lord was not alone yet loneliness consumed Him. This is a place where glorious worship never ceases and yet I heard nothing except the grieving cry of the Lord. My heart began to break as I continued to listen to the Lord weeping amidst all the beauty and glory of His surroundings. Only one sentence was uttered from His lips over and over as His weeping grew more intense,

"Why am I not enough?"......... "Why am I not enough?"

Today many of us profess that we love the Lord and that we understand the necessity for Him in our lives, but do our lives show that He alone is enough or do we seek after other things and people to also find fulfillment and pleasure? As the years go by and we continue to search in the wrong places, we don't realize that everything we ever needed and wanted has always been right in front of our faces. The only person who could truly complete us has been silenced by broken promises and vows fallen short. But now His cry has come up from the silence. In His desperation, He is trying to make us understand just how deeply He desires our total affection.

I pray that we may turn our ears from the sounds of this world and listen to the cry of a broken King. I pray that we may break before a Bridegroom that has been abandoned by His runaway Bride and tell Him how sorry we are. May we return to Him and forsake those things which stole our heart even if it costs us our finances, our time, and our affections.

He showed us He was willing to give up everything to answer our cry. Can we do the same for Him? May we become faithful to Him as He has been to us and may His question be forever satisfied with our response,
"Lord, you are more than enough!"


The sequel to Consuming Love

True love doesn't eliminate risk it triumphs over it! "

For Christ's love compels us" (2 Corinthians 5:14)

When we first meet God, He lovingly transforms our lives into something new and beautiful. Illustrated in the Song of Solomon, this love encounter should naturally cause us to follow Jesus wherever He goes.

But few have embraced this lifestyle. Rather, many today are working hard, praying occasionally, and hoping God will follow them. As a result, they have not fulfilled their spiritual destiny-to join Christ in rescuing those desperately trapped in sin.

Using personal experiences and biblical truths, I present what it literally means to follow Jesus. I want to challenge others to go with Christ into the greatest mission field - the City. Liberating Love shares both the excitement and obstacles we can expect to face. It covers such important topics as:

The Fear Factor...............Battle for the City

The Shadow People ...............The New Mission Field

Now is the time to let go of our fears, failures and inadequacies. If our hearts are open, God will make a way because, "Perfect love drives out fear" (1 John 4:18)

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