Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ministry Update

Urban Churches Unite!

On October 10th we participated in Prayerperation IV, an urban prayer vigil. Several churches and ministries from the neighborhood were involved. We gathered at one of the urban churches where we worshipped and interceded for the community for seven hours. In addition to confessing our sins and the sins of our city, we did a prayer walk in the neighborhood. Once we began, it was hard to stop. Old and young were involved as we filled these dangerous streets with prayers of deliverance and hope.

The prayer vigil ended in victory but within 48 hours, many of the key churches and ministries were subjected to spiritual attacks. One church was broken into, a prayer coordinator's computer was stolen containing her church's prayer records, and a pastor's car was vandalized with several valuable items stolen.

As I was reading these email reports, I heard my wife call for help from the adjacent room. When I arrived, I saw her pass out on the steps and fall head first rolling to the bottom. It was a frightening and potentially life-threatening situation but she has now recovered. It is obvious we are making a spiritual impact because of the amount of demonic reaction.

Children of the Kingdom

Recently the Lord revealed something to us that greatly impacted our lives. The concept is simple but profound. In the Kingdom of God a person's age is really not a factor. God is just as comfortable using someone young, middle age or old. It is not because He is committed to being an equal opportunity employer. It is because it just doesn't matter.

A few nights ago we met for one of our bi-weekly prayer meetings. Because of this concept the Lord had stirred up within us, we decided to have the children play a more active role in our prayer time. We started off by putting on a children's worship CD. After about the second song the whole atmosphere changed. The Holy Spirit had come into the room, not only making us aware of His presence, but the children also became consumed with His love and power. After the music, they each laid hands and cried out to God for each one of us. This continued for quite some time. Afterwards, twelve year old Jamie immediately ran upstairs to the computer and began to type. This is what was written as a result of her encounter with her God.

"I may not have the best clothes or even have the cutest hair; but through God I am beautiful. Through God I am a shining light. You may see me all ripped up, but all He sees is the most beautiful thing He's ever seen in His life. I may not have a clear face, or even have the cutest nails; but through God I've got the biggest smile and I'm as perfect as can be. So no lies, no lies am I going to hear. No lies, no lies, you can tell me. I'm not ugly or friendless, because God is my friend. Oh, God is my friend."

We are continuing to be encouraged by the feedback on our Ardor Media products. Recently we received a letter from a 90 year old lady from Michigan.

"I just finished reading your book and feel led to tell you how glad I am that the Lord helped you to write such a great book.... I gave my life to Jesus and invited Him into my heart when I was eight years old. The desire for more and more of Jesus kept growing through the years. All the pastors, priests, ministers and others would tell me - 'You're saved, aren't you? There isn't anymore!' And my heart cried out 'There is more! I know there's more!'

In my 40's, my desire began to be filled. I had to do lots of searching - books - people - 'digging' and learning - reading, studying, praying, etc. with the Bible becoming God's holy, personal love letter to me! So, thank you for writing your book, that others who have a deep hunger and thirst to really know Jesus, will have a wonderful guide and help.

There's much more to God's Kingdom, power, and glory for me to know, understand, live, experience, etc. in my life, even now! I beg the Lord, 'Don't leave me behind, running to catch your bandwagon. I want to be in your bandwagon now!! Praising and singing Hallelujahs.'"

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